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A person laying on a bed in SAXX Lounge Apparel

How to be comfortable even when wearing pants

Sweatpants are having a moment, somehow becoming synonymous with low-key comfort and caszh-fashion all at once. It’s given people the freedom to roll out of bed and basically keep rolling until they're back under the covers. And honestly, if we’re being real, it’s been liberating. 

But that’s not to say the recent sensation hasn’t gone one crusty waistband too far. We all have sweatpants we aren’t proud of. Borderline loincloths that would be better off left in the bin. 

You know the ones. They’re the pants you’ve been thinking about getting rid of for months, but they somehow end up back in your drawer. Every. Single. Time.   

Even worse, they’re the pants that irritate your balls. The pants that don’t stay up no matter how many times you adjust the drawcord. The pants your partner complains about each time you put them on.   

The pants that make you ask, “Have I ever been comfortable?”   

Existential issues aside, if this sounds familiar, we have good news. Men’s loungewear can be a whole lot comfier. 

Comfortable for sleeping (and everything else).  

A person outside wearing Vibe Boxer Briefs under the 3Six Five Pant.

The underwear game is already changing. But when was the last time somebody revolutionized your pants? You deserve the ultimate loungewear and pajamas, aka the most comfortable pants ever. But hold on. Wait just a sec. What would that even look like? 

We think the pants you lounge in should be designed with a versatile fit that gives you the freedom to take on anything. Comfortable for sleeping, kicking back with the boys, or tackling your to-do list. Sweatpants don’t have to be just a “weekend warrior” – they can make you feel as confident as a king, day in and day out.  

Super-soft fabric, 4-way stretch, and non-chafing seams to make you feel like royalty – check.   

Moisture and odor control to keep you smelling like royalty – check.   

Roomy but tailored design so your thighs, butt, and nether regions will look like royalty – check. 

If you’re not checkin’, you best be steppin’. The most comfortable men’s loungewear will always pass this litmus test. 

The best material for your manhood.  

You and your balls deserve the best. And there’s nothing worse than putting on a seemingly comfy pair of pants only to realize the fabric is rough, scratchy, or likely to have you overheat. 

Look for super-soft cotton blends and modal fabrics to keep you calm, cool, and collected in any situation. They’re breathable and moisture-wicking, so you and your manhood can stay effortlessly comfy no matter what.  

Friction-free support. 

A person outside wearing the 3Six Five pant.

We all need to take advantage of a little extra support from time to time. The right loungewear will have your back – and your balls! 

Manhood going through a rough time? Give it some love with pajamas featuring our BallPark Pouch™. This patented pouch provides friction-free support, giving you the freedom to move without worrying about sweaty balls getting glued to your leg.   

Say good-bye to chafing, sticking, and all the other baggy-pant ball troubles you’ve been dealing with for far too long. It’s time to say hello to a new type of comfort and self-care.  


Even more to love.

Every sweatpants and pajama brand boasts about their comfort. But you need to find the pair that truly brings out your best. When you shop, look for features like: 

  • An anti-roll waistband to keep up with even the most extreme naps  
  • Super-soft front hand pockets (in case you need to carry around the remote!)  
  • Lightweight warmth to keep you comfy at any temperature  
  • A tailored and streamlined fit so you can experience 24/7 comfort and look great at the same time 
  • Designs to match any style with a range of solid colors and awesome patterns (because who doesn’t want pajama pants with bananas, or sushi on them?)  

Choosing the right style.   

On the hunt for the perfect loungewear? We know how to treat your balls best when it comes to design, style, and comfort.   

Choosing the right style really comes down to your plans for these pants. Do you need something to go out and about, or are you on the hunt for pajamas so comfy you’ll never sleep without them again?   

Either way, we’ve got you covered.   

The 3Six Five lounge pants are made for grabbing a beer, catching a well-deserved nap, and everything in between. Featuring an adjustable drawcord waist, super-soft cotton-modal fabric, and odor control, these are a great option for almost any situation. 

Meanwhile, Down Time combines function and comfort like never before. Whether you’re playing a little pickup, chilling at home, or taking the red-eye out of town, these do-everything sweats are up for anything.

If you want to melt into the couch and kick up your feet for a day (or a whole week – no judgment here), you’ve got to try a pair of Snooze Pants and Shorts. Made using buttery-soft modal, these styles are designed to feel better than lounging in your birthday suit.    

In need of a little bit of extra support? The Sleepwalker pant is the only sleep style equipped with our built-in BallPark Pouch™. Experience dream-worthy comfort and support.     

A person outside wearing the 3Six Five Sweatshirt and Pants in Ash Grey Heather.

Get the pants you deserve. 

After a full day of getting things done, you deserve the chance to relax in pure comfort. 

So why settle for cheap, poorly made sweatpants that drag on the ground, squeeze your balls, and refuse to let you breathe?   

We happen to think you deserve the best. And when you’re out with the kids or taking a much-needed break at home, the best means high-quality lounge and sleep pants that provide life-changing comfort.   

Your lifelong search for the comfiest lounge pants ends now. Browse our bottoms and find out why thousands of men have gone SAXX and are never going back.