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Hygienic underwear habits – the importance of fresh, comfortable underwear

Maybe laundry got edged out by having one more beer with the boys. Maybe you forgot to throw a fresh pair of briefs into your gym bag. Or maybe your kids are sick and you’ll lose it if you have to clean one more thing. 
Whatever the case may be, we’ve all wondered, “Can this pair squeak by for another day? What if I turn them... inside out?”  
Sorry to burst your bubble, but you probably already know the answer – you need to wear a fresh pair every day. The good news? Giving your top drawer that much-needed refresh and upgrading your underwear will be more than worth it in the long run. Your manhood will thank you!  

Man in banana boxer briefs sitting on top of cooler

The importance of fresh, comfortable underwear. 

The first thing you do after a hard workout at the gym is change your smelly, sweaty clothes. So why would you treat your skivvies any differently? Your underwear is a hotspot for bacteria. Every time you use the bathroom or do anything strenuous, oil, sweat, and worse get caught in the fabric.  
And since underwear usually holds everything close to the chest (er, close to the crotch), your balls won’t stay fresh for long in such a dirty environment – especially if they’re trapped in there for more than a day. Changing your underwear daily guarantees your nether regions will stay clean and comfortable no matter what.  

Changing underwear throughout the day. 

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Unless there’s an emergency, you should be sporting a fresh pair of boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs each and every day. But do you need to change them more than that? 
The answer depends on what you’re up to. If you’re kicking back at home or chilling out with a couple of friends, one pair should be more than fresh enough to get you through. But if you’re working up a sweat in the gym or out on a high-energy weekend adventure, you’ll want to consider swapping your drawers for a clean pair midway through the day.  

How many pairs of underwear should I have?  

Well, how often do you do laundry?  
You need enough underwear to wear a fresh pair every day – plus a few extras for those too-hot-to-handle days. For some fellas, that might be six to seven pairs. Others might need ten or fifteen sets to last from wash to wash. 
Keep in mind that you need to replace your underwear every now and then too. Your balls deserve the luxury of a brand-new pair every so often. In fact, some health practitioners say underwear should be swapped out every 6-12 months.  
That might be a touch excessive (especially if you’re wearing top-quality underwear), but you should always keep an eye out for stains, holes, or stretching – and be willing to admit when it’s time to say goodbye.  

Underwear that keeps you fresh and clean. 

White boxer briefs and hat resting on stereo equipment with plant

To make your manhood feel as good as possible, you need the right underwear. You’ve definitely worn the wrong kind: the underwear that rides up and makes you feel hot, irritated, and just plain uncomfortable.  
So, what’s the secret to staying fresh and clean all day long? Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric.  
Choose underwear made of high-quality materials (like cotton-modal blends or merino wool) that allow moisture to dissipate from the skin and leave you feeling great. Another essential element is proper support for your manhood – so you can stop worrying about sweaty balls sticking to your leg. That’s why we created the BallPark Pouch™ – a 3D hammock that holds everything in place.  

Properly washing your underwear. 

Staying clean below the belt isn’t just about changing your underwear every day. It also means properly washing them.  
Wash your underwear in hot water or tumble dry for at least 30 minutes to get rid of stubborn bacteria. Some people prefer to hand-wash theirs in the sink – because why not give a little extra care to the one piece of clothing that supports you all day every day? (But remember: always check the label on your pair for more specific care instructions to avoid shrinkage or damage.)  

Is it time to upgrade your underwear drawer?

Underwear has been second-class clothes for too long. They’re not a public statement like the rest of your wardrobe, but don’t you deserve to feel like your best self underneath?  
Staying fresh starts with a clean, comfortable pair of underwear every day. Whether you want to increase your comfort, start a more hygienic habit, or just treat yourself – replace your underwear with SAXX 
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