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Man in black boxer briefs and shoes stretching hamstring

Life-changing tips to stop chafing once and for all

There’s nothing better than an all-day adventure – fun in the sun, extreme winter sports, and everything in between. But there’s one thing all ball-bearers fear when they’re out having a good time: chafing.  
Whether it’s between your legs, underneath your butt-cheeks, or in your most sensitive area (yes, we’re talking about your D&Bs), chafing is a painful interruption to your day.  
We think men suffer this issue in silence far too often. And while all kinds of offenders can cause chafing, one of the most likely (and least suspected) culprits is probably sitting in your underwear drawer, just waiting to cause you pain and discomfort.  

Want to end irritation once and for all, take care of your manhood, and start feeling your best in every situation? It’s time to start thinking about anti-chafing underwear.  

Man in black boxer briefs, shoes, and white tank top jumping rope

What is chafing and what causes it?   

Chafing occurs when your skin rubs against another surface for an extended period, causing a painful rash. Sometimes it’s only minor irritation, but more serious chafing can lead to blisters or even bleeding.

You can suffer from chafing when skin rubs against skin, like between your thighs, or when skin rubs against clothing – especially in sensitive areas like the groin. It can happen anywhere on your body, but it’s especially common in the underwear area.  
Chafing is caused by friction. While it’s often associated with extreme endurance sports – like running a marathon – some people notice it after any activity that involves repeated motion.  
You might also experience chafing from wearing wet or sweaty clothes, shaving and hair removal, or wearing underwear that doesn’t cradle your balls like it should.  

Does fit matter?  

Man in grey boxer briefs and hat wearing backpack with large shadow on wall

Tired of dealing with chafing below the belt? You might be wearing underwear that doesn’t fit properly. 
If your briefs are too tight, they’re not going to give your manhood the room it needs to breathe. They’ll probably dig in uncomfortably, causing chafing near the waistline and around your legs. 
Believe it or not, but chafing can also come from underwear that are too loose. If you pair baggy briefs with the wrong pair of jeans, you might notice the extra fabric bunching up and rubbing you the wrong way.  

If your boxers are too short, you might get thigh chafing just from playing hide and seek with the kids. Bulky and uneven seams can also cause chafing even while you’re relaxing, especially if they’re moving against your most delicate bits. 

The right anti-chafing underwear will fit your body like a second skin. It should rest comfortably against your manhood, giving you the support you need without extra wiggle room or restricting your balls.  

Does material matter?  

Close up of man's mid section wearing dark grey trunks

Maybe you’ve found the right fit, but your chafing woes haven’t gone away. The next question to ask yourself is: are you wearing the right KIND of underwear?  

Friction and chafing are more common when your skin is damp. If you’re going hard at the gym and your underwear soaks up all that sweat, you’re much more likely to experience discomfort.  

You need underwear that lets your nether regions breathe. Choose lightweight options like our selection of breathable performance fabrics that keep air circulating and wick away moisture so you stay dry, comfy, and feeling your best.

How do I stop chafing?  

There are some strategies you can use to stop or treat chafing – like not exercising in hot, humid weather, changing wet clothes promptly, or using powders and lotions to lubricate the skin. Baby powder, aloe vera, and shea butter are all great solutions to soothe a chafing rash.

But while these might be helpful in the short term, they’re not addressing the root cause of the problem – your underwear is causing you discomfort.  
To stop chafing once and for all, you need to invest in underwear that fits your body and supports your manhood like a good friend. Because you deserve to feel your best, every single day.  
Give yourself a little extra love by looking for features like:  

  • Underwear with a support pouch, like our patented BallPark Pouch™, to keep your balls away from your thighs. The mesh panel holds everything safe and secure, allowing movement without friction. The anti-chafing game will never be the same.  
  • Non-chafing stitching, like we use in our Flat Out Seams™. We’ve turned all of our seams inside out so the flat, smooth side rests against your skin. Say goodbye to red marks and irritation!  
  • Moisture-wicking fabric that protects your clothes and keeps you comfy and dry.  

      Not every pair of boxer briefs you own has to be high-tech. But whether you invest in a few anti-chafing pairs for your all-day adventures or decide to do a full Top Drawer Refresh, you’ll be preparing yourself (and your balls) for anything.  

      Find your perfect pair 

      Two pairs of boxer briefs overtop of one another on floor

      Life is hard enough without having to deal with uncomfortable underwear. Keep your cool and put your best self forward by making the choice to upgrade your drawers with anti-chafing underwear. 
      We have the perfect combination of support, style, and fit to suit any taste and any manhood. Find your perfect pair today and give your balls the life-changing comfort they’ve been waiting for.