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Life-changing pairs with the BallPark Pouch™.


Enjoy a range of activities in premium tops + bottoms.


Enjoy a range of activities in premium tops + bottoms.

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Select 7+ styles and save up to 20%.


Treat your package twice as nice with our best-selling selection of custom and pre-set multi-packs. We’re giving you more of that same SAXX Underwear you know and love at a reduced price. That’s right. Get more bang for your buck with this men's multipack underwear. Great for guys who are looking to double or triple down, these hand-picked packs feature your favorite styles, prints and patterns, and all the comfort and support you could ever need. When you stop and think about it, there’s really no sense in just getting a single. You need more than one. Your balls need more than one. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. Featuring non-chafing Flat Out Seams™ that place the softer side of the seam against your skin, your balls and legs are about to have a field day. Multi-packs include underwear for everyday, sport, and outdoor wear, and all come equipped with our patented BallPark Pouch™.

A deconstructed gif of underwear with ballpark pouch
Experience the BallPark Pouch™.

A scientifically-engineered pouch that secures your balls.

Ten pairs of blue and black boxer briefs in a wire basket
Save up to 20% on select multi-packs.

For a limited time, enjoy 20% off 7-packs and 10-packs, and 15% off 5-packs.