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SAXX Underwear was founded in 2006 and is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Who we’re looking for: forward-thinking individuals who like to roll up their sleeves and challenge the status quo. Our dream team is made up of people who are excited to come to work each day with new ideas, solutions and plans to succeed (and have fun while doing it). Our goal is to equip and inspire our team to make impactful moves - both within these walls and outside of them.

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The SAXX Six, Core Values
No Status Quo

"No status quo" is a worldview: the refusal to accept the existing state of affairs or live in tolerable mediocrity.

We believe it’s up to each of us to take initiative and create solutions for a better world. We’re in constant pursuit of progress (not to be mistaken for perfection) and opportunities to try new things; to learn, adapt and improve. Change is a constant around here, and we celebrate it.

Build to Perform

Sure, we design innovative products, but we also design systems that deliver innovative solutions. We are planners because without a plan, you only have a wish. We achieve success by working that plan together, bringing our individual strengths to the table. We don’t sit around and wait for the answers – we create them.

Do More with Less

We like to think that no matter how much we grow, we’ll never lose our sense of scrappiness (and we consider “scrappy” to be a good word). We think big and we find creative ways to get resourceful. We’re not about egos or operating solely within the lines of our job descriptions – we pick things up and help each other out, and we always learn along the way.

Be Resilient

In your pursuit of big ideas (either here or elsewhere), this we can guarantee: you’re going to make mistakes, break things, even fail sometimes. No great success was ever achieved without failure and becoming resilient. This is about learning, personal growth and choosing to be positive. What we ask of you: have the resilience to get back up, own it, fix what you need to, and keep moving. We know when to laugh and when to learn from our setbacks – and we always choose to keep taking [calculated] chances.

Support Each Other

We place a lot of emphasis on keeping vibes high. We build and maintain an atmosphere of trust, support, fun and personal growth and we help each other to lead our best lives both in and out of the office – whether by trying a new hobby or achieving an important goal. Collectively, we aim to have a positive impact on our community and the world – and we cultivate that within these walls.

Have Fun

At the end of the day, we’re in the underwear business – a sense of humor is not just important, it’s essential. We work hard, we laugh hard, we celebrate team and individual wins and we aim to create a little bit of fun in everything we do (it makes it all easier; trust us).

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

Vancouver, BC

eCommerce Merchandising Specialist

Vancouver, BC

eCommerce Operations Manager

Vancouver, BC

Logistics Coordinator

Vancouver, BC

Materials Developer

Portland, OR

Retail Marketing Manager - Canada

Vancouver, BC

Supply Chain Analyst

Vancouver, BC